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Something About Her
(poem by Ryan)

Here I am, not knowing where I stand
Here I am, looking for a place to land
My heart in the palm of her hand
A boy dying to be her man
Between tomorrow and yesterday
what I really want to say
Is I'm falling for something about her
She is to me, the rainbow through the rain
She is to me, the laughter through the pain
She is living in my dreams
She is a vision in it seems
That I'm falling for something about her.

Season Finale - Trista Picks Poetic Fireman
NEW YORK (AP)--Roses are red, violets are blue, ``The Bachelorette'' is history, and Charlie is, too.

Proving a stuffed whale and treacly prose are the key to at least one girl's heart, television's most eligible bachelorette, Trista Rehn, fell for Ryan, the sensitive firefighter who tickled her fancy with poems.

Ryan Sutter, 27, of Vail, Colo., immediately dropped to his knees to ask the woman he'd known for six weeks to marry him. She said yes.


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It was kind of like the social equivalent of losing the Super Bowl.

Trista Rehn is looking for a man who can make decisions.

One of 25 contestants looking for love on ABC's reality dating show "The Bachelor," Trista Rehn made it all the way to the final two contestants -- only to have Mr. Bachelor, Alex Michel, pick the other woman.

But don't shed any tears for Trista, a 29-year-old physical therapist, she'll get her man eventually. She has been selected as the subject for the premiere of "The Bachelorette" this fall. Page 2's Eric Neel caught up with Rehn and asked her about being in the driver's seat.

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